Healthy Individuals and Organizations

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Healthy Individuals & Organizations

Dramatically Reduce Lost Time Due to Injury & Illness,
Focus on Wellness Not Stress,
Empower People to Resolve Their Own Problems,
Improve Performance Become Effective & Productive,
Resolve Conflicts & Foster Communication

Wealthy Individuals & Organizations

Optimize ROI,
Increase Profits,
Grow Sales & Improve Closing Rates,
Leverage Efficiencies Daily,
Enhance Customer Retention Rates & Cut Attrition

Wise Individuals & Organizations

Stop Chasing Symptoms & Identify Root Causes,
Are Highly Resilient,
Welcome Change & Capitalize on Innovation,
Charter a Course For Future Growth,
Work With Paterson Consulting Inc.

The Paterson Advantage™ - Healthy individuals are more effective, productive and have great energy. Wealthy organizations maximize profits, capitalizing on ongoing growth & market opportunities. Wise individuals and organizations choose Paterson Consulting Inc. for the expertise that comes from working with an effective advisor they trust.


What our clients are saying about us

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Richard Ehret, President Magnum Fabricating Ltd.

Wes is a trusted advisor that guides you through the process. Helpful in all ways, he also steers you in the right direction for additional resources. Extremely knowledgeable on business.

Emil Tarka – Founder & CEO Tarka Consulting Inc.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Wes on a couple high profile projects. His ability to navigate client expectations and managing issues is simply amazing. Wes is diligent, focused and a prolific problem solver. Wes has the unique ability to identify rare opportunities and see business value areas which others can’t fathom.

Pranav Bhatt, Founding Partner NPAF , Biotechnology & BPO Inc.

We are pleased to recommend Mr. Wes Paterson. He gave a presentation on NPAF Network, and it was very well attended. His expertise is useful to the patients and listeners. Thank you for your time Mr. Wes.

Chloe Kilkenny, General Manager Southern Alberta Medical

Wes is knowledgeable in health and wellness that is adaptable, functional and holistic. He understands body mechanics right through to a cellular level. Incredible to work with and an excellent keynote speaker.

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