The Nutrigenomix test analyzes genetic variants that have been researched with findings from high quality peer reviewed journals. The test currently analyzes 70 genetic markers (with more markers continually being discovered) that can influence how we respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume. Personalized recommendations can then be developed based on your unique genetic profile.
Research shows that giving people information about their genes motivates them to adopt healthier eating habits. As a Registered Dietitian I can use the information from the Nutrigenomix reports combined with my knowledge of my client’s current dietary and fitness habits, preferences or restrictions. I will then help them to generate SMART goals to optimize their nutrition status with the ultimate goal of improving their overall health and wellness outcomes.

The Health and Wellness Report – focuses on achieving optimal health for clients who are pursuing general well-being.
The HealthPlus+ Report: This report analyzes the same 70 genetic markers as the Health and Wellness Report but also includes markers that affect the function of enzymes involved in the metabolism of important hormones such as estrogen and androgens and detoxification of their by-products. Also included are
markers that affect the function of enzymes involved in DNA methylation, a crucial process for adequate cell development.
The Fertility Report - is designed to provide nutrition recommendations that will help couples trying to conceive to optimize their fertile potential and maintain a healthy pregnancy.
The Sports and Performance Report- is designed to provide nutrition and performance-related recommendations that will help fitness enthusiasts and athletes boost their physical and mental performance.
The Plant-based Report - is aimed at those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or for those seeking to adopt a more plant-based approach.The Skin Health Report- identifies genetic markers that directly impact skin health such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
The Pharmacogenetics (PGx) test analyzes variations in genes for over 150 drugs (or drug combinations) over a range of therapeutic areas that include mental health, pain, and cardiology. All recommendations are based on high quality evidence from key regulatory bodies and expert consortia in pharmacogenetics. Knowledge of genetic modifiers of drug response allows healthcare providers to have a tailored approach to prescribing medications. It provides them with information on which drugs might be less effective and which drugs might increase the risk of adverse side effects.
Knowledge is power and knowing these results could minimize the "trial and error" to find the medication(s) that is right for you.
We will walk you through the cheek or saliva swab, send your test off for analysis and provide you with a complete report you can discuss with your trusted pharmacist and doctor.
FREE Virtual Save-on-Foods Nutrition tours NOW available for school groups, sports teams, staff wellness, organizations, non-profits, or individuals, facilitated online by a Registered Dietitian. Tours are approximately 45 minutes in length and are interactive and engaging for all ages. Learn more about how to navigate the grocery store and make healthy food choices.
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